roman soboszek

my life in brevity: *1972 in vienna; 13 years of school in austria, one year as a senior in a high school in aurora, colorado; graduated in 1990; started studying at the university of vienna in 1991 and still not finished to this day (but i am working on it);
worked as a social worker, a radio dj and radio editor for "92 9 RTL", as a tv editor for "TIV", lead part in the 1995 movie "vincent", directed by valentin spirik; chief editor of the vienna wide published student magazine "schoolyard" in 1999; cofounder of the video production company "vendetta film";
at the moment technician for "mymac: apple service & support"; photographer, videocameraman, cutter, editor, sometimes dj, organizer of multiple exhibitions, and vj;

interest: film, video, modern art, collecting (especially vinyl) and listening to music (it's all around me, all the time);

dreams and visions for the future: earning enough money with the creation of art, video and film; living a prosperous life; being happy; traveling a lot; learning to surf; learning to ollie with a snowboard on my feet;

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